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A fit dog is a happy dog!

Whether your vet has told you that your dog needs to shed some pounds or you have a K9 athlete you would like to better condition, you are in the right place!   We work with high strung dogs, puppies, senior dogs, dogs with past injuries and more!  We take your vet's advice very seriously and require canine conditioning and therapeutic clients to have an intake form completed by their veterinarian. 

Please note that all members must book their visit in advance.

Veterinarians can find the intake form here!


Is this rehab?

 We do not offer formal injury/surgery rehab at this time (although that is something we are working towards in the future). We offer canine conditioning, massage, PEMF and hydrotherapy.  We  require all new clients to have a referral form completed by a veterinarian so we know of any limitations, medications or contra-indications. 

If this isn't rehab then what is it?

We offer treatments that complement proper veterinary care and improve quality of life for your fur kid. We do NOT diagnose, and our treatments are not a substitute for veterinary care.  We are an "in addition to." and not an "instead of."

We do offer "Pre-hab" 

Having your dog in great physical shape is one of the best ways to prevent injuries and soreness as your dog ages. We also work with canine athletes in a variety of sports and occupations to ensure they are physically ready for the demands placed on them.  

What about puppies?

We work with puppy parents to encourage their puppy to enjoy learning new experiences and set them up for a long, healthy life.  We also offer puppy swimming lessons!

Would my senior dog benefit from these programs?

It is a resounding YES! Senior dogs need exercise too.  Massage therapy, canine conditioning, hydrotherapy and PEMF can be great for senior dogs.  


78 John St. Orangeville

-Personal fitness training and open gym access.

-Dog First Aid/CPR Classes

-Monthly clinics 

-Puppy classes

-Weekly dog socials 

-Massage therapy 

-Small hydrotherapy spa

-PEMF Therapy 

-Behaviour consultations

-Dog land treadmill

-Hydrotherapy and fitness pool coming March 2023! 

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15 Ontario Road, Walkerton 

-Personal fitness training and open gym access.

-Dog First Aid/CPR Classes

-Massage therapy 

-PEMF Therapy 

-Behaviour consultations

-Dog land treadmill

-Hydrotherapy pool. 


Canine Conditioning Sessions 

$55/session per 40 mins.

$200 for a 4 pack

$376 for an 8 pack

During a canine conditioning session, we create a safe and effective workout plan for your dog based on goals, behaviour and any physical limitations. Canine conditioning sessions is a great place to start if you would eventually like to safely exercise your dog on your own.  We train both of you!

DIY sessions

This is a great option if you are confident on how to use the equipment safely and you have taken at least 4 canine conditioning sessions. 

All fitness equipment in the general workout area is yours for the duration of your session. Please note, there may be personal training or hydrotherapy/massage clients in separate areas.  If your dog would not be ok with this, please let us know in advance and we can make sure there are no other dogs in the building, as well as ensure a safe and fear free entrance/exit. We are also pleased to offer assistance to clients with special needs or mobility issues in working their dogs. 

$40/drop in per hour

$25 each additional dog

DIY monthly membership $125

Family membership $225 (unlimited number of dogs in the same household!)


Monthly members get 20% off all workshops, water treadmill, PEMF and massage.

PMEF sessions 

$45/single session.   **Please note this is included as needed in our canine conditioning packages. **

$185 month/unlimited sessions. 


$45/session stand alone rate.  **Please note this is included as needed in our canine conditioning packages. **



$50/visit for a package of 5 sessions. 

$45/visit for a package of 10 or more sessions. 


We are pleased to offer first responders and vet professionals  15% off monthly memberships and drop in visits.

Shelters and foster dogs free!

Elements of K9 Fitness 

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