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Ways we Give Back to the community

K9519 is serious about giving back to the communities that support us. The Pegasus Project offers farm visits both at our farm location, as well as onsite at community events.  This year, we are excited to be attending the Sick Kids Burn picnic on June 10th!  

Our passion for rescue doesn't stop at dogs.  Most of the animals at the Pegasus Project are rescues or animals that had needed to be re-homed. We started by rescuing one senior horse from auction who we named Pegasus and before long we found many other animals needing a soft place to land.  Although Pegasus has since crossed the rainbow bridge, we are proud to have her legacy live on. 


Some of our farm residents include:

  • Horses (special mention to Rocket the kissing horse!)

  • Miniature horses

  • Burrito the donkey

  • Nigerian Dwarf goats 

  • Rambo the lamb-o

  • Biscuits and Gravy the Kune Kune pigs

  • Alpacas

If you could like to arrange a visit, please get in touch! There is no set cost, but donations are greatly appreciated. 

Pet Food Bank 

We also collect pet food donations to distribute to rescues, animal shelters as well as members of the community who are going through tough times. 

If you have old harnesses, collars, leashes or good quality pet food to donate, please get in touch!  Organizations we have supported in the past include:

  • The Alliston Humane Society

  • Lost Boys Hope

  • Members of the community displaced by house fires.

  • Community members that have fostered strays or have taken in litters. 

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