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Learn to Learn- The ultimate puppy class!

For puppies 10 weeks-24 weeks

Cost: $45 session 

Fridays 6PM Orangeville Agricultural Center 

Saturdays 1:30PM Orangeville Agricultural Center 


Set your puppy up for success during the most important time of their lives!

This program will help you bond with your puppy, as well as ensure they have a good foundation for future training.

Each 45 minute class is divided into three sections:

-The cue of the week (leash manners, sit, stay, come, lie down, leave it)

-An exciting enrichment or socialization activity

-A short discussion for the humans on everything puppy from potty training to preventing resource guarding. We will also cover child/dog safety.

-Weekly handouts and homework!

We use purely force free training methods.  Prong collars, choke chains or e-collars are not permitted.

What to bring:


  • A properly fitted harness of your choice.  We have some for purchase if you are unsure.


  • A clicker (also available for purchase during the first class).


  • We provide liver treats, chicken treats and sweet potato treats.  If your dog can’t have any of those, please bring a high value treat they love!


  • Your pup’s favourite toy if they have one. If not, we have lots!


  • A sturdy leash.  No retractable leashes please!


  • Your phone for pictures/videos!


  • Proof of vaccines submitted before the first class.  All puppies MUST be up to date on age-appropriate vaccines.

Please email us to RSVP 

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